Moscow Wars ! New event of mafia Wars

Taken Zynga Forums today. Answers are from Zynga moderater

Q - When will Moscow start?

A - Within a week or so. We’re going through the final tweaks and bug fixes before we can put it out.

Q - Can I get in beta? Please!!

A- This time around we are not doing a beta. Moscow will be available as soon as its ready. We don’t want to make anyone wait any longer!

Q - I am guessing I know the answer to this question, but want you to clar ify. A lot of people are talking about the fact that we have to choose a side in Moscow. If we choose a different side than someone in our mafia, would we then 1) lose them from our mafia 2) not be able to have them as part of our top mafia 3) be exposed to fighting them on the fights screen (and be able to fight them)? I suspect the answer to all three is no, but I want you to verify so I can pass it on.

A - The choices you make in Moscow are like reading a `choose your own adventure.’ The path you pick can determine what loot you get, but there are opportunities to re-do that choice if you play an episode a second or third time. Your choice will not affect how or who you interact with. To be even more clear the answer is no to all three of your questions. We would never, ever split you from your friends like that. Who ever thought that up is deranged.

Q - What are the advantages / disadvantages to choosing one or the other sides in moscow ? Can the decision be changed?

A - Each time you attempt to master a job episode you can try the choice again. But your choice during the third and final mastery level will be permanent. As for why to choose each one, you’ll have to find that out on your own.

Q - Will we be able to convert our money over from new york or cuba?

A - We are hoping to introduce more inter-city dynamics in the future, such as decisions in one city affecting another or ways to launder money back and forth. It’s in the cards, just not before we get a few more cities out.

Q - If you have to choose sides in Moscow, will there be two different sets of weapons, armor and vehicles?

A - There is a common set of loot and purchasable, but some of the better loot only drops after you’ve made a choice.

Q - Will there be equipment that allows us to equal our attack and defense when all the best gear is had?

A - Yes, Moscow will be more defensive in nature than Cuba or NY. We are also actively looking at the tuning of items in the game to make sure there aren’t any unintended bugs.

Q - Will you need politico corruptos and pesos for Moscow??? Will there be any crossover consumables in Moscow like the untraceable cell phones in the New York and Cuba sections? I'd love to find out before I go gifting mine all away when I finish sections.

A - No Pesos but there are corrupt politicians in every part of the world. Whether you need them or not is a surprise. However we are going to let you find new ways of earning several of the more desired consumable items. So even if you gift away some of the NY items, you’ll be able to get more without going back to that damn electronics store.

Q - Will the businesses purchases and gaining money be more like NY, Cuba, or will they be completely different?

A - Businesses in Moscow will be like the Cuban economy.

Q - I'm a mogul - does that mean anything in Moscow

A - Moguls get a bonus to the amount of money their businesses produce.

Q - is it true that low level loots like brass knucls,butterfy knifes etc, are going to be consumables?

A - No. Don’t believe everything you read on the forums. Sounds like someone was tired of having them gifted.